CBA Signs Distributor Agreement with NRI for CareAR

CBA Signs a Distributor Agreement with NRI for the CareAR Innovative SXM Platform

This partnership will accelerate the digital transformation of companies using cutting-edge communication technology. CareAR leverages the Service Experience Management (SXM) platform which innovates customer and employee experiences with evolving Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR). We will address issues faced by corporate customers and employees efficiently, quickly, and cost-effectively.
On April 27, 2023, Communication Business Avenue Co., Ltd. (CBA) signed a sales distributor agreement for CareAR with Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI). This partnership enables the rapid realization of digital transformation in various industries such as customer support, service desks, fieldwork, and training, utilizing cutting-edge AI and AR technologies. Nowadays, companies face challenges such as a decrease in the workforce and working hours. Through this collaboration, we aim to provide solutions that address not only corporate issues such as labor shortage and efficient workforce allocation but also flexible responses to the changes in society such as aging demographics. These efforts contribute to the sustainable growth of both companies and the people as a whole.
CareAR enables the utilization of AI and AR to provide instructions so that customers and employees can solve issues by themselves. Additionally, annotating live video in real-time, which was previously impossible with traditional tools, allows for precise communication which solves problems quickly. The engineers and staff in charge of on-site work such as field service can receive support from skilled technicians and experts located remotely by utilizing AR.
Also, the capabilities of personnel can be enhanced and improved through AI and AR technology. The data analysis, learning and training support using AI, make it possible to improve the skills and abilities of employees which leads to work efficiency and quality. The development of personnel and improvement in skill levels are tied to human capital management, and we are committed to enhancing competitiveness and maximizing results for corporate organizations.
Through this partnership, the synergy of NRI’s extensive knowledge and CBA’s advanced expertise will not only enable advanced communication and precise support at various customer touchpoints but also bring new possibilities. We aim to support the growth and increased competitiveness of businesses.

About CareAR

CareAR, a subsidiary of Xerox, is a leading company in the field of Service Experience Management (SXM). As part of a seamless digital workflow experience, CareAR provides real-time interaction, instruction, insights, and display through AR and AI. CareAR bridges the skills gap, accelerates knowledge transfer, and enables greater operational efficiency. By enhancing customer outcomes and safety, it proposes new benchmarks in the SXM category. For more details, please visit

About Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

Nomura Research Institute (NRI), established in 1965 as Japan’s first private think tank, has been engaged in proposing corporate strategies, policy recommendations, and system development and operation for many years. With a corporate philosophy of “Insight into creating a new societal paradigm and realizing it,” and a commitment to “earning the trust of customers and thriving together with them,” NRI offers services such as “consulting”, “financial IT solutions”, “industrial IT solutions”, and “IT infrastructure services”. NRI supports the activities of domestic and international businesses, government agencies, as well as the daily life of society through its four business segments. The NRI Group has over 17,000 employees and operates globally in 16 countries and regions. For more information, please visit

About Communication Business Avenue Co., Ltd.

CBA is a private comprehensive communications solutions integrator and service provider that enables automation and solutions across a wide range of platforms. By incorporating cutting-edge omnichannel, AI technology, and other solutions, CBA innovates to address challenges in various business communications. CBA’s mission is to always be kind and hospitable, and we provide technology and business methods to help our customers grow their businesses.

Since its establishment in 2006, CBA has been delivering and supporting the latest communication technologies to over 900 customers in more than 35 countries worldwide. CBA leverages its expertise, including WebRTC multimedia solutions for on-premises, cloud, and mobile applications, and comprehensive, immersive cloud computing solutions to deliver solutions for the communications needs of any industry. For details, please visit


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