Completion of the Live Assist for Dynamics 365 Business Transfer from CafeX to CBA

Communication Business Avenue (CBA) is pleased to announce the completion of the Live Assist for Dynamics 365 (LAD365) business transfer from CafeXHaving a strong historical partnership with CafeXCBA has been actively involved with the support and development of the LAD365 solution for some time. In addition, the completion of this business transfer has opened the way for CBA to work as a certified partner of Microsoft. 

LAD365 provides a fully integrated experience on Microsoft Dynamics 365, bringing about smooth, effortless navigation between live chat, co-browsingvoice and video conversations, and chatbotA wide variety of rich functions offered by LAD365 delivers real-time customer engagement, helping agents and customers quickly through immersive chat and video, including co-browsing experiences. Specifically, contextual customer information is provided prior to chat interactions, giving users a holistic preview of visitors’ history, preferences, and purchases. Award-winning cobrowsing technology allows agents to see and operate customers’ mobile apps and web pages, draw annotations, push files, and fill out forms for faster and more effective support. Voice and video can be added to chat or cobrowsing sessions, reducing call handling times and enabling agents to train customers to self-serve. By using LAD365, you can start your digital transformation and provide a consistent and personalized experience regardless of customer engagement channels. 

With this business transfer, CBA assumes the full-service delivery and sales activities related to LAD365, providing information about pricing, licenses, and architecture, including necessary support. CBA will continue to offer existing and joining customers secure solutions for supporting their digital transformation, as well as providing long-term support for their business while serving as a certified partner of Microsoft. 


Company Name: Communication Business Avenue Inc. 
Head Office:  # 508-YRP-1, 3-4  Hikarinoka , Yokosuka- shi , Kanagawa-ken, Japan, 239-0847 
CEO: Hiroshi Shibayama
Tel: +81 46 821 3362 
Employees: 100 

Persons in Charge

Feel free to contact the responsible individuals listed below for the details about the deployment and sales activities of LAD365. 

SVP for Worldwide Business Development: Patrick Wienecke 
SVP for Worldwide Sales: Kota Mizutani
SVP for Worldwide Customer Success: Mark Smith 

About CBA

CBA serves as the officially approved service provider of CafeX Communications, Bright Pattern, and ITyX, the world’s leading AI solution provider based in Germany. Along with professional in-house multilingual engineers, we have augmented support in the United Kingdom with former CafeX  engineers and developers. Our engineering support teams are located in the US, India, Taiwan, Philippines, and Japan, covering every time zone, providing 24/7 support for our worldwide customers. 

We are always ready to help our customers improve their business and services.

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